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Our Values

Open communication and transparency are key to any lasting relationship.  Furthermore, we believe open lines of communication and thorough cost management are paramount to success. These principles guide our decisions and suggestions as we help your wealth grow while mitigating risks, maximizing returns, and prudently managing your short and long-term income needs.

We’ve worked hard to build the culture we have today, and every new member who joins us offers our clients even more value through their shared values, priorities and vision. Culture is not something we take lightly, as we know that the only way our clients will be truly happy working with us is if every team member is aligned on the same principles.

Our Values

Relationships, Trust, and Understanding are Critical to Achieving Your Success.

We strive to create an open, nonjudgmental space where you can share your concerns and worries without feeling embarrassed or less than you’re worth. We will always strive to understand your needs and will always serve as a fiduciary by placing your best interest above ours. Every one of us understands that managing your money is a huge responsibility, and we value having the opportunity to take some of the responsibility off your shoulders. 

Expenses Matter.

We strive to find the highest quality investments with the lowest annual fees. We believe that even small differences in fees can add up to thousands of dollars over the life of an investment.

Planning is Critical.

We will develop a well-defined plan that is specific to your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, income, tax status, and liquidity needs. Investment discipline is important, but we understand that things happen. We establish plans for long-term and short-term goals but are nimble when adjustments are needed. We know that you have specific goals and we will work tirelessly to help you achieve them.

Diversification is important, but over-diversification wastes money.

We take the time to appropriately diversify each portfolio based on geography, industry sectors, security types, and duration. 

There are many forms of risk.

We look at risk from as many perspectives as possible: credit, liquidity, business, market, industry, company specific, people, etc. We have a deep understanding of what we invest in.

We strive to exceed your expectations every day.

While our efforts will be focused on helping you achieve your objectives, our ultimate goal is for you to surpass them. We have a strong bias to quality, and we believe over the long run, quality trumps quantity. Throughout our time together, we’ll be constantly looking for new ways to get you closer to where you want to be.